Check Your Oil

Nearly half of all motorists need a top-up and 1 in 5 has a dangerously low oil level.

At least once a month, every motorist should check their engine oil.

It's one of the most basic car maintenance tasks and only takes 60 seconds, but could save you thousands of pounds in car repair bills.

Running out of motor oil in your car can not only cause serious engine damage, but could also potentially leave you stranded in a dangerous situation by the side of the road.

Despite the potential savings during these troubled economic times, research by oil and car care company, Comma, has found that an alarming number of motorists aren't taking the quick and easy precaution of checking oil levels regularly.

Research revealed that:

  • 47% of motorists don't check their oil regularly enough
  • 27% of motorists don't check their oil at all

Whether it's because they don't know how to check their oil, or can't find the time, too many drivers are failing to save time and money. That's why Comma has launched its Oil Check Campaign.

Here you can find out about the Oil Check Campaign, as well as looking at advice sections to take the guesswork out of checking your oil, selecting the right oil for your car and where to buy it.

Don't be a dipstick. Check your oil today!


Watch this video to find out what
can happen if your car runs out
of engine oil.

Courtesy of Fifth Gear.

Watch this short video to see just how easy it is to check your own engine oil level.